Athula Senaratne is an Environmental Economist and has published on various themes including common property resources, sustainable agriculture, supply/demand analysis of fish, non-timber forest products (NTFP) and community-based aquaculture. His current research interests include climate adaptation, institutions and property rights, and environment and macroeconomic policy.

He was previously engaged as a Research Officer (Department of Agriculture), an Agricultural Economist (Land Use Policy Planning Division), an Aquaculture Economist (National Aquaculture Development Authority) and as the Director-Competition Promotion (Consumers Affairs Authority). He also jointly authored the Sinhala medium text book on ‘Natural Resource and Environmental Economics’ which is being used at undergraduate level teaching in Environmental Economics at universities in Sri Lanka. He is also on the Editorial Board of the Climate Change Magazine of Sri Lanka, published by the Climate Change Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment and Mahaweli Development. He served as the President of the Sri Lankan Agricultural Economics Association (SLAEA) in 2016.

Athula Senaratne holds a BSc in Agriculture with Second Class (Upper) Honours, an M.Phil in Agricultural Economics from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and a PhD from the Deakin University, Australia.

Advisory work

Sectoral Committee on Agriculture
Sri Lanka Standards Institute
2016 – to date

National Committee on Socio-economic Studies
Council for Agricultural Research Project, Sri Lanka

National Committee on Green Accounting
Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, Sri Lanka
2013 – to date

Working Group on National Standard for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification
Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI) for developing a National Standard for Forests Certification
2006 – to date


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“Energy Security, Sustainable Development and Green Accounting”
Public Lecture
Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka
Vidya Mawatha, Colombo
23 November, 2016.

“Climate Change and South-South Cooperation”
International Conference on ‘South-South Cooperation (SSC)’
Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), India
New Delhi, India
10-11 March, 2016.

“Disaster Risk Challenges in South Asia”
Eighth South Asia Economic Summit Conference on ‘Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in South Asia’
Sustainable Development Policy Institute
Islamabad, Pakistan
7-8 December, 2015.

“Aquaculture Centres and Networks in Asia and Pacific”
IORA Blue Economy Core Group Workshop on Promoting Fisheries and Aquaculture and Maritime Safety and Security Cooperation in Indian Ocean Region
Durban, South Africa
4-5 May, 2015.

“Establishing a Green Accounting Mechanism: Sri Lanka’s Experience”
International Seminar on ‘Natural Resources and National Accounts in South Asia’
Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, India and Indian Council Social Science Research
Bangalore, India
5-6 February 2015.

“Water – Energy Nexus: Sri Lanka’s Experience”
Workshop on Water-Energy Nexus
New Delhi, India
1-4 September, 2014.

“Climate Change Challenges Faced by Indian Ocean Rim Countries”
Workshop for establishment of center of excellence on ocen sciences and environment for IORA region
IPS and Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)
Hotel Hilton, Colombo
30 June, 2014.

“Integrating Traditional Agro-ecosystems and Technology Management for Assurance of Food and Nutritional Security: Village Tank Aquaculture and Divi Neguma Programmes in Sri Lanka”
NIRD-CIDAP-TERI collaborative workshop-cum training program on Food and Nutritional Security Assurance through Efficient Resource and Technology Management
National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD)
Hyderabad, India
19-21 May, 2014.

“Payments to Eco-system Services”
Workshop on Payments to Ecosystems
Biodiversity Secretariat of Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy
Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS) , Colombo
25-27 March, 2014.

“Agricultural Adaptation Practices in Sri Lanka”
Workshop on Agricultural Adaptation in South Asia
Kathmandu, Nepal
11-15 March, 2014.

“Mainstreaming Climate Change for Sustainable Development”
Workshop on Mainstreaming Climate change for Sustainable Development
IPS in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and UNESCO, Sri Lanka Commission
Hotel Amaya Lake, Dambulla
19-21 August, 2009.

“Climate Change, Local Institutions and Adaptation Experience: The Village Tank Farming Community in Dry Zone Sri Lanka”
National Conference on Water, Food Security and Climate Change in Sri Lanka
International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
BMICH, Colombo
9-11 June, 2009.

“Green Accounting System for Sri Lanka”
National Conference on Water, Food Security and Climate Change in Sri Lanka
International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
BMICH, Colombo
9-11 June, 2009.

“Commons Vs. Commons: Managing Scarce Water Resources in Dry Zone Village Tank Systems in Sri Lanka”
31st Bi-annual Research Workshop
Economy and Environment Program for South East Asia (EEPSEA)
Ngoc Lan Hotel, Dalat, Vietnam
25-29 May, 2009.

“Green Accounting”
Panelist’s remarks at the national symposium on Green Economy – the Way Forward
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource
Central Environmental Authority, Colombo
27 March, 2009.

“Green Accounting System for Sri Lanka: Green Accounting and its Importance”
Workshop on Green Accounting System for Sri Lanka
In collaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource
Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo
05 December, 2008.

“Transaction Cost and Household Participation in Community-based Village Tank Aquaculture in Dry Zone”
20th Annual Congress of PGIA, University of Peradeniya
Plant Genetic Resources Centre, Gannoruwa
20 November, 2008.

“Competition in Rice and Paddy Markets in Sri Lanka: A Structure-Conduct-Performance Analysis”
First Annual Research Forum
Sri Lanka Agriculture Economics Association
21 September, 2007.

“Achieving Development and Conserving Environment: Sri Lanka’s Challenge in the 21st Century – Economic Dimension”
National Seminar to Develop a Country Paper for 17th Biennial General Conference of the Association of Social Science Research Councils (AASSREC)
National Science Foundation, Colombo
20 July, 2007.


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