Youth and Development; Realizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sri Lankan Youth

Approximately 26 per cent of the Sri Lankan population is comprised of youth. These youth populations are the future contributors of economic development to the country, hence it is important to make sure that their needs are met and ensured by government development policies in all sectors. Furthermore, policy actions have to enable access for youth to take part in government development activities and decision making. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is one of the universally accepted evaluation framework developed by the United Nations to see whether countries have achieved their targets in development and it covers several important development aspects. It is quite important to explore how these MDGs are realized by the youth of the country. The objective of this study was to document the youth participation, their commitment and practices in realizing the MDG goals, through the case studies directed at each of the MDG goal. A special emphasis was made towards understanding the youth participation in the development of the post 2015 MGD goals. A case study approach was adopted to understand the commitments, practices and experiences of the government and the youth

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Nisha Arunatilake
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Priyanka Jayawardena
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Sunimalee Madurawala
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Chatura Rodrigo


Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development

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