Transformation of Tobacco Farmers to Alternatives: A Plan of Action

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) initiated a transition from tobacco to alternative crops in 2017 by announcing a ban on tobacco cultivation by the end of 2020. However, the set timeline has passed without achieving the desired outcomes. Since tobacco is grown across various districts with differing agro-economic conditions, the potential for alternative crops varies by location. Nonetheless, reducing tobacco cultivation is likely to have adverse effects on the livelihoods of tobacco farmers and other players in the tobacco industry.

This study aims to develop a plan of action (PA) for reducing land under tobacco cultivation to ban tobacco cultivation in the country by identifying alternative crops. The PA will ensure that any alternative crops should provide similar value chain support to the farmers based on the opportunities available in different districts.

Research team

Dr Nisha Arunatilake
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Dr Manoj Thibbotuwawa
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Chandula Idirisinghe
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Himani Vithanage
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