Trade Facilitation and the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ILFTA)

Given the significance of bilateral trade and future prospects of trading with India, this study seeks to analyse trade facilitation issues that Sri Lankan traders face when importing and exporting goods under the ILFTA. The ILFTA was fully implemented in 2008 with Sri Lanka and India now trading in a duty free regime. Studies show that since its implementation, trade between India and Sri Lanka has increased substantially. However the same studies identify that the bulk of trade takes place outside the FTA and that they are dominated by a few products. The constraints to trade include those related to trade facilitation including customs processes, and rules of origin. In this context, this study aims at assessing the status of trade facilitation in Sri Lanka and India, identifying bottlenecks in trade procedures, regulations, and related documentation when trading between the two countries, and measures and reforms that are required to address them.

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Janaka Wijayasiri
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Suwendrani Jayaratne


High Commission of India

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