Trade and Transport Facilitation Audit in South Asia: Sri Lanka Country Study

Progressive reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers has increased the attention of both firms and countries on reducing practical constraints that delay transactions at and behind national borders, and increasing efficiency of supply chains and associated logistics costs. Studies show that trade facilitation reforms in South Asia would result in higher intra-regional trade as well as improved trade with other regions. The main objectives of this study are to, (i) identify trade and transport related bottlenecks Sri Lanka faces in trading with South Asian countries and (ii) identify trade facilitation reforms and their prioritization. IPS will also carry out the Maldives Country Study and the findings of these will feed into a regional study carried out by SAWTEE.

Research team

Janaka Wijayasiri
Suwendrani Jayaratne
Dharshani Premaratne
Nipuni Perera

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