Towards an Asian Narrative on Tax Justice and Financial Transparency

29 – 30 October 2018
New Delhi, India

IPS Research Assistant, Chathurga Karunanayake, was a discussant at the roundtable discussion on ‘Towards an Asian Narrative on Tax Justice and Financial Transparency’, held on the 29 – 30 October 2018 in New Delhi, India.

During the discussion, she highlighted the importance of having national and regional coalitions to address the issues pertaining to domestic resource mobilisation, financial transparency, and illicit financial flows. Ms. Karunanayake also pointed out the inefficiencies in tax systems and emphasised that action should be taken to ensure accountability, credibility, and accessibility in financial data.

The roundtable was organised by the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability and Financial Transparency Coalition of India. The discussion included academics, policy researchers, and civil society members from several Asian countries.