Tobacco Farmers Require Support to Switch to Alternate Crops – Nimesha Dissanayaka

28 January 2022

Tobacco farmers require support in the form of subsidised inputs for other field crops, established contract farming systems, and an assured market to switch to alternate crops, according to IPS Research Officer Nimesha Dissanayaka. She was presenting on ‘Understanding Farmers’ Decision to Move Away from Tobacco Cultivation in Sri Lanka’ at the 10th International Conference of the Sri Lanka Forum of University.

Nimesha explained that factors such as the farmer’s age, years of experience in tobacco cultivation, cultivated land, tobacco revenue and employment status influence the decision to switch. Furthermore, the farmers’ main economically sustainable alternative crop choices are paddy, maize, brinjal, chilli, big onion, cabbage, groundnut, and okra. Nimesha’s presentation was based on an IPS study funded by KIVU International on Transforming Tobacco Farming through Economically Sustainable Alternatives.

Download Presentation HERE.