Third SV Research Conference – Session on Transforming Food Systems Through Evidence-informed Policy Responses

11 November 2021

IPS led the penultimate session of the third Southern Voice Research Conference on the theme ‘Transforming food systems through evidence-informed policy response’. The different challenges faced, responses, and lessons learned by the Global South amid the COVID-9 pandemic in relation to their vulnerable food systems were discussed at the session.

The various challenges the Global South faced during the lockdowns brought on by the waves of the pandemic, along with the responses of those countries were reviewed in the first round of discussions. While the challenges and responses were unique to the different countries, the use of digital platforms (e-commerce) and strengthening producer-market linkages were identified as the key areas to focus and expand on to ensure a resilient food system for developing economies.

The second round of discussions saw the role of think thanks regarding ensuring food security and resilient food systems in developing countries being highlighted. It was underscored that think tanks, especially in the Global South, should play a pivotal role in the collection and dissemination of the lessons learned during sudden shocks like COVID-19, to pave the way for evidence informed policy responses.

Watch the full session HERE.