The Think Tank Initiative’s (TTI) Regional Meeting and Data Visualization Workshop

13 – 15 December 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

The Data Visualization Workshop was held during 13th December, while the TTI 6th Regional Meeting was held during 14 – 15th December. IPS Deputy Director,Dr. Dushni Weerakoon, Research Fellows, Dr. Ganga Tilakaratna, Dr. Janaka Wijayasiri and Charmaine Wijesinghe, Manager Publications and Events, participated at both events.

Dr. Weerakoon was Panelist at the Data Visualization Workshop at the session on ‘Innovative Uses of Data and Technology for Impact and Change’, while Dr. Ganga Tilakaratna was a Discussant at the session on ‘Using Big Data for the SGDs: the Power of Appropriate Tools and Technology’.

At the Regional Meeting, Dr. Weerakoon served as Panelist at the Opening Session ‘Contextual Change and its Impact on Think Tanks – Taking Stock of National, Regional and Global Trends’, and the session on ‘Life After TTI, Wrap Up and Action Points’. Dr. Tilakaratna was a Group Coordinator at the session ‘Strengthening Capacities for SDGs: The Case of Health and the Role of Think Tanks’. Dr. Janaka Wijayasiri was a Discussant at the session on ‘Capacity building Initiatives for South Asian Think Tanks’.

All 14 TTI Grantees participated at event which was organized by SDPI Pakistan and took place at the Westin Grande, Bangkok, Thailand.