The Sri Lankan Economy in the New Decade: What are the Policy Priorities?

The last decade was one of significant challenges for the Sri Lankan economy. It began with the economic contraction of 2001 (1.5% GDP contraction), following drought, terrorist attacks, the tsunami in December 2004, and finally, the global financial and economic …

Regulation of Microfinance Institutions: Is Sri Lanka Ready?

Regulation of microfinance has become a hot topic internationally in recent years, particularly NGO microfinance. In Sri Lanka too regulation of microfinance institutions (MFIs) has become a significant policy issue. A Microfinance Institutions Act was drafted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) with the consultation of different stakeholders, but is yet to become law. There is no questioning the importance of regulation and supervision for a healthy microfinance sector, which supports the delivery of financial services to the poor in a sustainable manner. But the question is whether the country is prepared to implement the desired level of regulation of microfinance

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