The Beginning of the End of Cheap Labour for Sri Lanka’s Manufacturing Rivals?

By Anushka Wijesinha, Research Officer – IPS Labour pains have blighted Chinese and Bangladeshi manufacturing in the past month, leading to questions arising on the sustainability of their economies’ low-cost labour status. In the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, over 15,000 garment …

Private enterprise growth in the regions: What is slowing it down?

The key question remains, in the short to medium term, will investments come from big businesses in the Western Province and abroad, or will it be mainly from sources within the regions themselves? Due to years of slow growth, regional enterprises do not have sufficient ploughed back capital available to expand into larger operations, especially in post-conflict areas and lagging regions

Tourism boom in the East: is the transport infrastructure ready?

The country currently has around 14,800 hotel rooms. The SLTDA estimates that to cater to a growing tourism sector, an additional 40,000 rooms need to be built. Thousands of rooms in the East alone are to be built. With such goals for greater occupancy capacities, the pressures on the transport link from Colombo to the East become tighter. The key question then is , will the transport infrastructure grow in line with this boom in tourism that post-war Sri Lanka intends to achieve?

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