World Elders Abuse Awareness Day: Sri Lanka’s Greying Economy — An Impending Problem

Marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016, this article highlights the status of Elders Abuse in Sri Lanka, the underlying causes and the steps that can be taken to address the issue.

Where Do Migrant Workers Fit in Sri Lanka’s Population?

Sri Lankan migrant workers are an ‘invisible population’ of the country. The mutual support between migrant workers and the resident population of Sri Lanka is so important that both need the other for socio-economic success.

Sri Lanka’s Ageing Population and its Health Policy Challenges

As the Sri Lankan population ages, the health sector should include chronic disease prevention through enhanced care for the elderly, and invest in a formal system of old age support.

Sri Lanka Can Gain More from Migration by Helping Returnees Reintegrate Better

Reintegration programmes must start working with migrants before they depart, continue to work with them during their time abroad and on their return, argues a new IPS study.

Asia’s Rise: Undoubted but not Unimpeded

The one defining feature of the shifts in economics, geopolitics and society taking place today, is the rise of Asia. What are the factors influencing this rise? And what lessons do they hold for Sri Lanka’s growth journey?

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