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Threads of Resilience: Is Sri Lanka’s Apparel Sector Prepared to Face Pathogen X?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is expressing concerns about the global community’s readiness for pathogen X, a highly contagious pathogen that could emerge in the future. Scientists predict a higher likelihood of its origin in tropical regions, placing Sri Lanka at considerable risk.

The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the livelihoods of millions of workers across Sri Lanka. The manufacturing sector, where workers are in very close proximity to one another, faced more challenging conditions than other sectors such as agriculture. Given the significance of the apparel industry in the manufacturing base and as a source of employment in Sri Lanka, this blog assesses the pandemic’s impact on female apparel workers and guide future policies to minismise the cost of similar episodes.

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Collaborative Approach is Critical for Recovery of Apparel Sector Post-COVID-19

Experts at CPD-IPS-SV international webinar on the ‘Recovery of the Apparel Sectors of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: Is a Value-chain Based Solution Possible?’ call for suppliers, buyers, governments and international organisations to work closely together for speedy and sustainable recovery of the apparel sectors from the COVID-19 shock.

South Asia’s Trajectory through Innovations and Disruptions in the 4IR

The primary issue that arose at the plenary on ‘Promoting Innovation and Disruption in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)’, at the 12th South Asia Economic Summit (SAES XII), organised by the IPS, was the role of disruption in the status quo. The panel deliberated on whether governments and corporations should embrace and utilise disruption despite its drawbacks, or regulate extensively to curb it.