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Nanotechnology in Sri Lanka: A New Beginning with a New Technology but Commitment is Key

In our first article in the new series ‘Talk Nanotech’, nanotechnology evangelist and former head of SLINTEC, Prof. Ajith De Alwis, discusses Sri Lanka’s National Nanotechnology Initiative in the context of the economy’s drive to become more innovative and competitive, and warns that lack of commitment could derail the valuable gains made so far. He calls for a focussed thrust on developing Sri Lanka’s nanotechnology potential, with strong political leadership.

Dynamic Growth in Sri Lanka: the Innovation Imperative

> By Anushka Wijesinha, Research Economist – IPS Innovation is beyond research, it requires clever commercialization Sri Lanka needs to take a 360 degree approach to innovation policy As Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs bids adieu to an ipod/iphone/ipad/macbook crazed world, …

Guarding What is Ours: The TRIPs Agreement and the Protection of Plant Varieties in Sri Lanka

> By Dilani Hirimuthugodage, Research Assistant – IPS Imperative for Developing Countries The biological and genetic materials found in different animals, plants and micro organisms were initially recognized as a common property of human kind and were freely exchanged between …

Budget 2011: Preliminary Observations on Changes to Telecommunications Sector Taxes

> IPS research staff held an in-house discussion last week on the various proposals forwarded by the Budget 2011. This is the second in a series of posts containing some preliminary observations of the IPS researchers, and discusses the proposed …

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