Health and Human Development

Sri Lanka’s Ageing Population and its Health Policy Challenges

As the Sri Lankan population ages, the health sector should include chronic disease prevention through enhanced care for the elderly, and invest in a formal system of old age support.

The Dilemma of Dengue and the Health Economics of It

Dengue keeps claiming more lives every month, and the socio-economic impact is getting serious. Addressing gaps in urban water and sanitation infrastructure can go a long way in tackling it.

A Closer Look at Youth Mental Health in Sri Lanka and Some Consequences

The usage of alcohol and drugs, suicides, and teenage pregnancies are some of the significant consequences related to the mental health status of youth in Sri Lanka.

Conflicts Among Sri Lanka’s Health Workers Are Hurting Patients’ Care

All health sector workers – doctors, nurses, midwives and other paramedics – share the responsibility for delivering good health services in government hospitals. Duties and roles of these professionals are intertwined. But more recently, this ‘healthy collaboration’ has come under increasing stress in Sri Lanka, with conflicts between the different actors crippling some critical aspects of patient care. This article takes a look at this, and argues that what the health sector needs is a more collaborative and less adversarial approach.

Dying to Work?: Why Health and Safety in the Work Place is an Important Economic Issue for Sri Lanka

This week ten workers in Bangladesh lost their lives in a deadly fire at a garment factory, another in a series of incident ranging from building collapses to fires that have claimed over 1,500 lives in the past year alone. …