Health and Human Development

“Let Food be Thy Medicine”

In this article, Samanthi Bandara takes a look at the importance and impact of healthy diets in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Food Additives – Are They Safe?

In this article to mark World Health Day 2015, Samanthi Bandara takes a look at how the use of food additives is threatening the safety of the food we consume.

National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority Bill and the Medicinal Drug Policy of Sri Lanka: Some Challenges

In this article, G D Dayaratne takes a look at the challenges in effectively implementing the National Medicinal Drugs Regulatory Authority Bill, which was passed in Parliament with amendments on 6th March 2015.

Towards Healthier Diets in Sri Lanka: The Role of Nutrition Labeling

In this article to mark World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2015 under the theme ‘Healthy Diets’, Raveen Ekanayake and Chayanka Wickramasinghe take a look at the importance of nutrition labeling to promote healthy diets.

Patient Waiting Times in Private Hospitals: A Growing Concern in Sri Lanka

Patient waiting times is an important aspect of a patient encounter, which is often overlooked. This article highlights the need and ways to improve the patient experience by avoiding such waiting times at hospitals.