Health and Human Development

Making a Better Place for Her: Gender Equality for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka

Marking International Women’s Day 2016, this article explores steps Sri Lanka can take to ensure that the country meets SDG Goal 5; ‘Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering All Women and Girls’.

Transforming “Manpower Employment” to Decent Work of Greater Quality

With the aim of exploring ways to transform manpower employment to decent work of greater quality, this article explores some hidden information in the manpower business, based on a study carried out by IPS.

World Cancer Day – Prevention is better than Cure: A Role for Everyone to Play

Marking World Cancer Day 2016, this article, highlights the importance of promoting awareness, screening and early diagnosis in the fight against cancer.

Feeding the Nation, Facing the Risks: Occupational Safety & Health of Paddy Farmers in Sri Lanka

This article to mark the National Occupational Safety & Health Week, highlights measures that can be taken in order to to safeguard paddy farmers from occupational health hazards.

World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco Smoking – An Issue of Un-awareness

The ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is marked on 31st May 2015. In this article to mark the day, G.D. Dayaratne takes a look at the steps taken by Sri Lanka to join the global fight against tobacco smoking.

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