Health and Human Development

Video: Sri Lanka National Human Development Report 2012

The UNDP recently launched the National Human Development Report 2012 for Sri Lanka recently, and in this video the Lead Author of the report, IPS Research Fellow Dr. Nisha Arunatilake talks about the main issues discussed in it.   IPS …

OOP(s)! – Struggling for Equity in Sri Lanka’s Health Sector amidst Rising Out of Pocket Expenditure

Despite impressive achievements in healthcare in Sri Lanka over the last decades, the emerging trend of rising out of pocket expenditure by individuals needs attention. OOP expenditure on health hits particularly hard on the poor, whose ailments will either remain untreated or end up forcing them and their families into deeper poverty. To mitigate the economic and health impact on household, the most pressing need is to maintain an uninterrupted flow of life-saving essential drugs in government health facilities.

Sri Lanka Grapples with Child Malnutrition despite Major Improvements in the Health Sector

Despite remarkable achievements in the health sector, malnutrition has been a persistent health challenge in Sri Lanka. More than 1 in 5 under-five year olds are underweight in the country. To break the vicious cycle of malnutrition in the country, Sri Lanka needs to go beyond health and look closer at the deep-rooted socio-economic factors which are transmitted from generation to generation in lower socio-economic groups.

Emerging Health Challenges in Sri Lanka: More Money for Health and More Health for the Money

> By Samanthi Bandara, Research Officer – IPS In this second article marking World Health Day (7th April), Samanthi Bandara of the Health Economic Policy Unit of the IPS argues that as Sri Lanka grapples with emerging health challenges, like …

Corruption Risks in the Provision of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Sri Lanka

In recent months Sri Lanka’s health sector has come under heavy scrutiny, in particular, the provision of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Provision of high quality medicines in a cost effective manner is of utmost importance in ensuring the good health …

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