Yolanthika Ellepola

World Kidney Day 2016: What More Can Sri Lanka Do To Save Lives?

Marking World Kidney Day 2016, this article highlights the incidence of CKD in Sri Lanka, its burden, and the importance of appropriate measures for early detection.

World Cancer Day – Prevention is better than Cure: A Role for Everyone to Play

Marking World Cancer Day 2016, this article, highlights the importance of promoting awareness, screening and early diagnosis in the fight against cancer.

Sri Lanka’s Ageing Population and its Health Policy Challenges

As the Sri Lankan population ages, the health sector should include chronic disease prevention through enhanced care for the elderly, and invest in a formal system of old age support.

The Dilemma of Dengue and the Health Economics of It

Dengue keeps claiming more lives every month, and the socio-economic impact is getting serious. Addressing gaps in urban water and sanitation infrastructure can go a long way in tackling it.