Sunimalee Madurawala

Feeding the Nation, Facing the Risks: Occupational Safety & Health of Paddy Farmers in Sri Lanka

This article to mark the National Occupational Safety & Health Week, highlights measures that can be taken in order to to safeguard paddy farmers from occupational health hazards.

Networking and Information: Crucial Ingredients in Empowering Women Owned and Led Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka

In this special article to mark the Intentional Women’s Day Sunimalee Madurawala points out the importance of enhancing access to ‘information’ and ‘networking’ in order to empower women entrepreneurs.

Better Business Development Services Can Help Sri Lanka’s Women Entrepreneurs Prosper

A new study by IPS and Oxfam focuses on the need to unleash potential of female entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, and reveals that better business development services can go a long way in helping women-operated businesses.

What Women Do and What Women Can Do: Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality in Sri Lanka

SPECIAL FEATURE ARTICLE FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2014   The United Nations celebrates 2014 International Women’s Day under the theme of “Equality for women is progress for all’. Ensuring gender equality matters in many ways to the development process of …

Dying to Work?: Why Health and Safety in the Work Place is an Important Economic Issue for Sri Lanka

This week ten workers in Bangladesh lost their lives in a deadly fire at a garment factory, another in a series of incident ranging from building collapses to fires that have claimed over 1,500 lives in the past year alone. …