Samanthi Bandara

The Urgent Need for E-Waste Management in Sri Lanka

With the rapid developments in technology and the growing demand for new products, the production and consumption of more ‘Electronic and Electrical Equipment’ (EEE) has significantly increased around the world. This has also resulted in the acceleration of the rate …

Healthy Public Policies Begin with Health in All Policies

Health permeates all aspects of social life. This factor is now being recognized in public policies, with health increasingly being included as a key concern in all policies. Marking National Health Week, Samanthi Bandara explores the concept of Health in All Policies (HiAP) in the Sri Lankan context and stresses the need to do more.

Emerging Health Challenges in Sri Lanka: More Money for Health and More Health for the Money

> By Samanthi Bandara, Research Officer – IPS In this second article marking World Health Day (7th April), Samanthi Bandara of the Health Economic Policy Unit of the IPS argues that as Sri Lanka grapples with emerging health challenges, like …