Nisha Arunatilake

Persons with Difficulties in the Sri Lankan Labour Market

Based on recent study on labour market characteristics in Sri Lanka, this article suggests policies to improve labour market participation of persons with difficulties in the country.

Eliminating Pension Anomalies – Reaching Beyond Public Servants

This article to mark the National Pensions Day argues the need to eliminate pension anomalies for all elderly in Sri Lanka.

Quality of Teachers Does Matter in Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Best Education Systems

In this special article marking International Students’ Day 2014 (17th November) Nisha Arunatilake takes a look at the vital ingredients for improving teacher quality in Sri Lanka’s schools.

Open Online Courses Can Help More Sri Lankans Access Higher Education

Tertiary education is no longer a privilege. It is a necessity. Better quality jobs are open to those with university degrees. But, getting a good quality university degree is increasingly becoming hard around the world.   The rising cost of …

A Comment on ‘New Educational Policies and Proposals’ for General Education in Sri Lanka

Despite impressive performance in access to education, issues of quality of education, access to higher levels of education and relevance of education has challenged the education sector in the recent past. In this regard, the initiative proposed in the New …