Harshanee Jayasekera

The Narrow Human Resource Base in Science and Technology Could Constrain Sri Lanka’s Knowledge Economy Ambitions

Around the world, knowledge and innovation have become the drivers of global competitiveness. Countries are competing with each other to invest more on Research and Development (R&D) to help create more novel technologies to gain comparative advantages in knowledge. Workers in Science and Technology (S&T) are a key element of this. Towards understanding Sri Lanka’s development prospects from a human resource perspective, this article hopes to define and quantify the S&T human resources in the country and assess the quality of the S&T workers for their innovative potential.

Lankan University Graduates: Late Birds, No Worms?

The university system is in chaos again. Following the disruption of a month of academic activity due to an island-wide strike by university non-academic staff in June this year, the academic staff also took trade union action in early-July. The two strike actions have cumulatively taken two months off the undergraduate calendar and a suitable resolution has not been made to date. While this article excludes itself from commenting on the politics of such action, it rather serves to highlight how it impacts youth in Sri Lanka and the economy as a whole.