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Latest Edition of Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Migration & Development’

The 9th edition of the ‘Talking Economics Digest’, a bi-annual publication of the IPS, comes up with the theme ‘Migration & Development’.

Latest Edition of Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Post-War Economy: 5 Years On’

As Sri Lanka entered into the second half of the country’s first post-war decade in May this year, this edition of the TE Digest takes a closer look at the challenges for post-war Sri Lanka in a special series titled ‘Post-war Economy: 5 Years On’.

5 Things to Know About Building Resilience from Droughts in Sri Lanka

Recent droughts in Sri Lanka had a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans. How can irrigation and agriculture improve to tackle future droughts, or are climate change effects catching up too quickly?

Implications of Modi’s Victory for Indo-Sri Lanka Relations

In this special guest article on the recent Indian electoral results, one of India’s leading thinkers and public policy commentators sets out some implications of Modi’s victory for Sri Lanka and the wider South Asian region. He argues that Mr. Modi’s likely focus on South Asia holds out a real promise for the emergence of a peaceful, more secure and prosperous South Asia. This will directly benefit Sri Lanka, which has been one of the pioneers in South Asian regional economic cooperation.

‘What’s Unique About the WCY 2014 and What Happens Next?’ – Interview with Milinda Rajapaksha

As the World Conference on Youth comes to a close, many who were not directly or indirectly part of it are not sure what the conference was all about, why it is unique, what’s so important about it, and what happens after its conclusion. So, on the sidelines of the final day of the WCY 2014, Talking Economics caught up with someone who is ideally placed to give you this introduction – Milinda Rajapaksha, the National Director of the National Youth Services Council (NYSC) of the Government of Sri Lanka. Milinda played a lead role in Sri Lanka’s hosting of the WCY 2014, as a member of the International Youth Task Force (IYTF). In this 11-minute audio interview, Milinda talks about what the WCY 2014 is and what it is trying to achieve.