Chatura Rodrigo

Harnessing Benefits of the Blue Economy: Key Factors for IORA Countries

This article points out the importance of concentrating on the aspects of an accounting framework for the blue economy, to ensure successful sustainability of ocean resources and services in the IORA region.

The Road to Becoming an Energy Independent Country: Can We Deliver?

This article takes a look at the importance of giving emphasis to renewable energy in Sri Lanka’s energy policy, the country’s proposed energy mix, prevalent issues and measures that can be taken to achieve energy independence.

Does Restructuring Property Rights Hold the Key to Natural Resource Management in Sri Lanka?

In this article to mark the World Environment Day 2015 Chatura Rodrigo highlights the importance of governing forest resources in a sustainable manner by restructuring the property rights systems.

Integrated Water Management and Sustainable Urbanization in Sri Lanka

In this article to mark World Water Day 2015, Chatura Rodrigo and Athula Senaratne highlight the importance of Integrated Urban Water Management in meeting the demand for water in a fast urbanizing Sri Lanka.

Key Determinants of Sri Lanka’s Fertilizer Subsidy: Some Research Findings for Policy Makers

The fertilizer subsidy should be gradually removed in the long-run, in a phased manner, argues a new study