Chandana Karunaratne

Sri Lankans and Irregular Migration: A Journey to Die For?

SPECIAL FEATURE ARTICLE MARKING INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS DAY, 18TH DECEMBER   On the 3rd of December, 2013, the Australian government announced new policy that aimed to further discourage the arrival of irregular migrants in Australia. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced that, …

World Economy Health Check: Mixed Bag of Prospects in 2012

Despite the potential of emerging markets around the world, it is clear that the slowdown in the West will have a significant impact. Developing countries are clearly not insulated against the shockwaves that will ripple out as advanced economies slip into recession. However, many of the emerging economies are robust and dynamic and may weather the storm that lies ahead. Perhaps it will be these very markets that provide the life raft of economic recovery for the West in years to come