Athula Senaratne

Oceans and Sri Lanka’s Future: Towards a Blue Economy

This article, written to mark World Oceans Day, examines the concept of ‘Blue Economy’ and its importance to an island nation like Sri Lanka, which heavily relies on its marine resources. The writer also discusses the challenges faced by Sri Lanka, when adopting a blue economy strategy.

Managing Wastewater in Sri Lanka: An Uncomfortable Reality

March 22 marks the World Water Day, with a focus on the management of wastewater. This article, by Athula Senaratne, discusses the social costs of failing to properly dispose wastewater and highlights the urgent need for an effective and efficient solution to the problem of wastewater in Sri Lanka.

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet: Cleaning up Marine Debris from Natural Disasters

Marking World Oceans Day, this article highlights the importance of paying attention to ocean debris in the wake of natural disasters.

Overcoming Challenges of Marine Pollution for Healthy Oceans

Marking World Ocean Day 2015, in this article Athula Senaratne warns of the growing threat of marine pollution, which needs effective and sustainable solutions.

Finally Some Good News About the Ozone Layer?

This year’s ozone day makes a difference. It comes with the good news that at the end, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is recovering and the global community can be credited for their collective effort.