Anushka Wijesinha

‘Sri Lanka’s Post-war Economic Progress’ – In Conversation with Saman Kelegama

As Sri Lanka marks the first 5 years since the end of the armed conflict in May 2009, the IPS launches a special series of posts on our blog – ‘Post-War Economy: 5 Years On’. In this first of the series, we feature an interview with Dr. Saman Kelegama, IPS Executive Director, who shares his perspectives on how the country has fared since the end of the war, and what challenges are in store for the next 5 years.

TE Digest Editorial – ‘Managing the Middle-Income Transition’

This edition of the Digest discusses critical topics that have raised public interest in the past year and relate to the “mechanics” of a new growth trajectory, such as the New Educational Policies and Proposals that were presented in September 2013, the 2014 Budget proposals presented in November 2013, and the WTO Bali Ministerial proposals and outcome in December 2013. IPS hosted a unique regional consultation prior to the WTO meeting, and developed a common position for South Asia which was then presented to the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Can Sri Lanka Learn from the Korean SME Promotion Strategy?

Last week, a team of Korean experts, who had been tasked with making recommendations on five policy areas for Sri Lanka (including SME development), submitted their final report to the authorities. I was particularly interested when I heard of this visit as I just completed a Visiting Fellowship at the KDI where my key research area was industrial policy in Korea, with a focus on SMEs. In the final research paper, I put forward some aspects of Korea’s SME development that may hold lessons for Sri Lanka. This article highlights some of those ideas for further debate.

Dale Mortensen and the Real Crisis of Unemployment

The economics profession lost a prominent labour economist this past weekend – Prof. Dale Mortensen, a 2010 Nobel Laureate. When I heard of his passing-away, it took me back to June last year in the little lake-side town of Iseo, …

Sri Lanka’s Middle-Income Transition: Thinking Beyond the “Optics”, to the “Mechanics”

‘The middle-income transition’ – a challenge that dozens of countries are grappling with and, as of late, is increasingly being spoken about in Sri Lanka as well. A recent business forum (by LBR-LBO) was one of the first private sector …