Anushka Wijesinha

What Sri Lanka Should Know about China’s New Economic Dynamism

China’s ongoing reform programme is a focused and strategic effort that has the potential to transform the business climate and also competitiveness of Chinese exports. Sri Lanka should take a cue from it, argues Anushka Wijesinha.   “China is still a …

Aid and Trade Between Sri Lanka and China – A Snapshot of IPS Insights

A snapshot of IPS researchers insights (including audio interviews) on the growing China-Sri Lanka relationship, and what the future holds in store with the launching of a Free Trade Agreement

Asia’s Rise: Undoubted but not Unimpeded

The one defining feature of the shifts in economics, geopolitics and society taking place today, is the rise of Asia. What are the factors influencing this rise? And what lessons do they hold for Sri Lanka’s growth journey?

Laying the BRICS for a New Global Financial Architecture?

BRICS nations made a landmark agreement this week that sets the stage for a redrawing of the global financial architecture, with a focus away from traditional powers, and tilting it more towards emerging economies. They inked a deal to set up a BRICS Bank and But many things about it remain unclear. What will the modus operandi of lending be? Will it be able to muster sufficient funding to really make an impact? Will it truly challenge the World Bank and IMF? Will it mean ‘looser’ borrowing terms for countries like Sri Lanka? But will this have negative social, environmental, and governance consequences? This article takes a first look at some of these issues…

Sri Lanka’s Post-War Hub Ambitions: Can Hambantota Learn from Penang?

In this third article in the special series ‘Post-war Economy: 5 Years On’ published on ‘Talking Economics’, Hambantota’s hub ambitions come under the spotlight, and the authors argue that lessons can be learnt from Malaysia in developing a smarter strategy to attract investment.

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