About us

Welcome to ‘Talking Economics’, the blog of the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS), Sri Lanka’s apex socio-economic policy think tank. This blog, started in late 2009, provides you with independent and authoritative insights across a range of contemporary and critical national, regional, and international economic policy issues, and contribute to – indeed help shape – the public debate around them. This blog, together with our related social media, are helping to take our research insights to a wider audience.

Globally, policy research organisations find outreach a challenge. At IPS, we have embraced this challenge and have embarked on various strategies to better engage with you – whether you are a private sector champion, a leader in a public institution, an academic in a university, a business affairs journalist, a student, or a regular citizen interested in economic policy issues.

We hope you actively engage with the insights contained on the blog – spread them widely, challenge them constructively, and use them for your own advocacy efforts. Comments are welcome and are encouraged. Check our website for more details on our research programme and our publications.

Talking Economics Team 

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