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The articles in this Edition reflect the broad thematic areas of research we focus at the Institute as well as highlight some key developments in the country and the world in the first half of 2015.


The efforts of successive governments during the last several decades have led to growth in per capita incomes, resulting in a increase in standard of living of the people and a decrease in overall poverty levels. However, Sri Lanka faces a host of environmental problems such as land degradation, de-forestation, pollution and poor management of water resources, loss of biological diversity, coastal erosion, increasing scarcity of water, etc. As an emerging economy, the challenge for Sri Lanka is to achieve sustainable high economic growth without causing irreversible damage to the environment.


More than ever before, Sri Lanka needs to strike a balance between rapid economic growth and the demands of a growing population on a limited natural resource base. The Digest focuses on this issue, featuring articles relating to sustainable environment management of water, ocean, forest and its resources, and tourism in the country. In the article, Adopting a Blue Economy Approach in Sri Lanka, Kanchana talks about the use of ocean and its resources sustainably while Athula highlights the need for coordination amongst various agencies concerned with marine and land based pollution in the country as well as regional/international cooperation in Overcoming Challenges of Marine Pollution. Forests in Sri Lanka are depleting at an alarming rate, requiring a restructuring of property rights to better manage forests, argues Chatura in his article to mark the World Environment Day 2015. He also discusses the increasing demand for water in urban areas and the need to adopt an Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) approach to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental goals. In the article Good Environmental Management Practices in the Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka, which is based on an IPS study, Kanchana looks at the adoption of good energy, water and waste management practices in the Sri Lankan hotel industry, which has been seen a remarkable growth in the recent past with the ending of the war.


The Digest also has a number of other interesting articles looking at issues relating to health, labour, education, social security, trade, etc., which would appeal to our wide and growing readership beyond policy-makers of the country. Articles like, “Let Food be Thy Medicine”, The Role of Nutrition Labelling, and Food Additives – Are They Safe?, aim to inform the general public of the importance of healthy diets and nutrition labeling in maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle
while being aware of chemicals contained in the food we consume every day. We hope you will enjoy the Digest and look forward to your continuous support and feedback.

From the Editorial of 10th Edition of the IPS  Talking Economics Digest


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