Latest Talking Economics Digest is Now Online! – ‘Managing the Middle Income Transition’

Sri Lanka has made a decisive transition into a lower middle-income economy. However, the challenge lies in sustaining this growth transition and positioning itself to step into an upper middle-income economy. In this light, the latest edition of the ‘Talking Economics (TE) Digest’ looks into some of the issues related to managing the middle-income transition in Sri Lanka.


TED March cover image for blogThis edition of the Digest also looks at several topics that raised the public interest in the past year including the new educational policies and proposals which were presented in September 2013, the 2014 Budget proposals, and the WTO Bali Ministerial proposals and outcomes. Further, an article looking at the economic outlook for 2014 in the global economy and Sri Lanka by the IPS Executive Director, Dr. Saman Kelegama, is also featured in this latest TE Digest. Apart from that, the Digest also features articles on better management of migration, sustainable management of the tourism sector, and on emerging challenges related to youth development and poverty.


The Talking Economics Digest is a compilation of articles featured on this blog within a 6 month time period, together with special feature segments. It is published as a bi-annual publication of the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka. As we distribute only a limited number of printed copies of the Digest, we present here the latest e-version of it for you. Read it online via Scribd below or download it as a PDF.



Talking Economics Digest | Jul-Dec 2013 by IPS Sri Lanka