Latest Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Getting Smart About What We Eat and How We Grow It’

The escalating number of health concerns globally has resulted in a growing interest to shift towards healthier eating habits. In addition to this, issues like the imported milk products crisis or the horse meat scandal in Europe have made consumers more conscious of the food they eat and how it is produced. Taking these recent developments into account, the latest edition of the Talking Economics Digest discusses some of the emerging issues related to food safety in Sri Lanka.


TE Digest June 2013 cover

The Digest also looks at several environment related issues in Sri Lanka and the need to shift towards a greener growth path. Proper management of waste, the effective use of ocean resources for economic benefit and recent green initiatives taking place around the world are special feature sections of this latest edition of the Digest.


The Talking Economics Digest is a compilation of articles featured on this blog within a 6 month time period, together with special feature segments. It is published as a bi-annual publication of the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka. Here, we present the latest e-version of the Digest, which was launched recently at the 6th South Asia Economic Summit held in Colombo. Read it online via Scribd below or download as a PDF.



Talking Economics Digest | Jan-Jun 2013 by IPS Sri Lanka