Releasing 375 pages of content – free download of SOE Policy Briefs (2005-2009)

In the effort to expand our reach and open up the accessibility of IPS research, we are pleased to announce a further release of Policy Briefs of the 2009, 2008,2007, 2006 and 2005 editions of the IPS flagship publication ‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy’ (SOE) which are now available for free download. These were earlier contained only in the print version of the publication, available for sale at the IPS and leading bookstores.


Through this, together with our earlier release of 2010 Policy Briefs, IPS has made available over 106,431 words (375 pages) of commentary and analysis on contemporary socio-economic development issues in Sri Lanka authored by our team of researchers between 2005 and 2010.


We believe that these Policy Briefs easily downloadable for free would be invaluable resource material for economists, researchers and students of socio-economic issues, country analysts, foreign and domestic investment advisory firms, foreign diplomatic missions, local and international development agencies and development practitioners. It would also provide an interesting and informative backdrop against which the current scenario on each of these areas can be explored and debated.


The following Policy Briefs are now freely available. Click on the title to go to the PDF version of the documents (via Scribd)


State of the Economy 2009 (‘The Global Economic Crisis: Issues, Impacts and Outlook’)


State of the Economy 2008 (‘Political Economy Dilemma of Reforms’)


State of the Economy 2007 (‘Empowerment of the Poor’)


State of the Economy 2006 (‘Agriculture Reforms: Irrigation Water Charges and Land Policy’)


State of the Economy 2005 (‘Post-Tsunami Economic Issues’)


Freely downloadable summary versions of last year’s State of the Economy (2011) report in Sinhala, Tamil, and English will be made available in the coming weeks.


The 2012 edition of our flagship publication ‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy’, is now released and is available for sale at IPS, while a PDF e-book of the 2012 report, including video summaries of the key messages, can be downloaded here –