Conference on Ten Years of the Indo-Lanka FTA: Achievements, Challenges and the Road Ahead


March 2010 marked ten years of implementation of the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement This is a historic agreement in that it was the first ever bilateral FTA entered into by either of the two countries involved. Ten years on there have been many positives from the agreement along with a number of stumbling blocks that have been experienced. The continued growth of economic relations between the two countries in the future is beyond doubt, considering the geographical, political and cultural realities within which bilateral economics is embedded. Therefore it is an apt time to consider how these economic relations should develop in the coming years – should there be more formal institutionalised arrangements to manage economic relations? Should these be limited to trade or should they also enter the realms of services and investment? Or should the two countries slow down the pace of integration? There are also implications for broader trade relations – as to whether Sri Lanka should continue to focus on the bilateral track or place more emphasis on multilateral arrangements? These are the questions that need to be answered – informed by the experiences of ten years of implementation of the ILFTA.

The Institute of Policy Studies will be organising a conference on the 24th and 25th of May 2010 that will attempt to address many of these questions. Please see the brochure for further details and for registration.

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