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Measuring the Pulse of Pulses: Improving Food Security in Sri Lanka

While Sri Lanka is recovering from its worst economic crisis since independence, significant concerns remain as 42% of the households still adopt food coping strategies which severely affect both quantity and the quality of

A Lost Development Opportunity: Regional Integration to Empower Sri Lankan Women

Addressing gender inequality is crucial to achieve stronger and more sustainable development. While regional integration is seen as a potential development strategy to promote inclusive and sustainable growth and efforts

Sri Lanka’s Graphite and Turning Tides in International Electric Vehicle Value Chains

The global demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is projected to reach a staggering 80 million units by 2050, with the United States (US) alone expected to demand one million of these annually. This rising global demand will

Threads of Resilience: Is Sri Lanka’s Apparel Sector Prepared to Face Pathogen X?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is expressing concerns about the global community's readiness for pathogen X, a highly contagious pathogen that could emerge in the future. Scientists predict a higher likelihood of its