Talking Economics Digest: July – December 2018




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As Sri Lanka moves towards achieving high middle-income status, the country is faced with both challenges and opportunities. To leverage the maximum advantage presented by these favourable circumstances and overcome the obstacles, reforms are needed in almost all aspects of the economy. In this context, the 17th Edition of the Talking Economics Digest centers on the theme of ‘Transitioning to a High Middle Income Economy.’

As in previous issues, the Talking Economics Digest is a collection of articles written by IPS researchers during the second half of 2018, discussing a wide range related of issues – improving export competitiveness, public sector reforms, initiatives to improve the ease of doing business such as the National Single Window for Customs, and much-needed macroeconomic policies to name a few. It also brings to light several constraints that need to be addressed when making this transition, particularly in the fields of education and health. IPS Director of Research, Nisha Arunatilake, argues that quality of schooling, nutrition, as well as gender dimensions show room for improvement.

In keeping with the theme, the Digest also features an interview with IPS Research Officer, Kithmina Hewage, who specialises in private sector competitiveness and political economy. In addition, the Digest also contains the latest updates from IPS, its recently-released publications, as well as a snapshot of the local and global news affecting Sri Lanka’s economy. We hope you find the latest edition of the Digest insightful and informative! As always, readers’ comments, thoughts, and feedback are welcome.

The ‘Talking Economics Digest’, published bi-annually, is a compilation of articles featured on this blog within a 6 month time period, together with new articles and special feature segments. To obtain a printed copy of the digest and check its availability please contact our Publications Unit for details.