Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on Trade and Transport Facilitation in Sri Lanka

IPS conducted a Stakeholder Consultation Meeting to discuss preliminary findings of a study carried out together with South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE)  on ‘Trade and Transport Facilitation in Sri Lanka’.  The study was a part of a Regional Study in South Asia, involving various stakeholders in the trading process. Its aim was to assess the current status of trade facilitation measures in Sri Lanka and identify obstacles in the movement of routine consignments, particularly to South Asia.

The main findings of the study were presented by Suwendrani Jayaratne and Dharshani Premaratne, Research Officers of the International Economic Policy Unit of the IPS. Among those present at the meeting were IPS Executive Director Dr. Saman Kelegama, SAWTEE Executive Director Hiramani Ghimire, and representatives from Sri Lanka Customs, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Department of Commerce, Chambers, key government agencies and the private sector.

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Download: Presentation on ‘Trade and Transportation Audit in Sri Lanka