Sri Lanka is Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change Impacts – Dr Manoj Thibbotuwawa

13 October 2022

IPS Research Fellow and Head of Agricultural Policy Research, Manoj Thibbotuwawa, highlighted Sri Lanka’s high vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change at the inaugural programme of the Climate Change Initiative. The Initiative was jointly organised by the Institute for South Asia Studies, University of California, Berkeley and the South Asia Centre for Labour Mobility and Migrants (SALAM). Dr Thibbotuwawa noted that climate change is a serious threat to lives and livelihoods throughout Sri Lanka and serves as the underlying driver of migration and displacement. He also discussed a four-pronged strategy to strengthen climate resilience that includes: (1) mainstreaming climate change adaptation into national and sectoral policies; (2) increasing the adaptive capacity of affected communities; (3) reducing the vulnerability of affected communities; and (4) introducing innovative risk management instruments to address residual risks. The webinar was attended by academics and activists from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Watch the event video HERE.