South Asian Country Study on Products with Regional Trade Potential and Associated Non-Tariff Barriers with special focus on WMSMEs: A Case of Sri Lanka

IPS has undertaken the Sri Lankan country study as a part of a South Asian regional project on ‘Products with Regional Trade Potential and Associated Non-tariff Barriers, with Special Focus on Women MSMEs’. This project was initiated by the United Nations Development Programmed Asia Pacific Regional Centre (UNDP-APRC) with funding from Au said. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of WMSMEs in South Asia to derive benefits from increased participation in trade and regional markets. The project consists of 3 components: research, advocacy and capacity development.

Research team

Janaka Wijayasiri
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Sunimalee Madurawala
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Dilani Hirimuthogodage
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Dharshani Premaratne



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