Senior Visiting Fellow Speaks on Child Poverty in Sri Lanka

26 – 27 August 2019
Colombo, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, out of the 6.4 million children under 19 years, 707,000 are either income poor and/or multi-dimensionally poor. Of these poor children, 21.8% do not have access to safe drinking water, while 30.4% do not have access to safe sanitation facilities. They are also eight times more likely to not attend school, compared to non-poor children.

These findings was shared by  Senior Visiting Fellow, Wimal Nanayakkara, speaking at the ‘Measure What You Treasure: Child Poverty and Deprivations in Sri Lanka’ National Conference, jointly organised by the Ministry of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution, UNICEF, and the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), on 26 – 27 August 2019.

Mr. Nanayakkara’s presentation was based on his publication Child Poverty in Sri Lanka: Issues Related to their Education and Access to Safe Water and Sanitation.

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