Seminar on Inequality, Inclusive Growth and Fiscal Policy in Asia

Principal Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Dr. Donghyun Park conducted a seminar on ‘Inequality, Inclusive Growth and Fiscal Policy in Asia’ at the IPS, where he shared an overview of a recently launched publication on the title which he had co-authored.

During his presentation to the IPS Staff, he outlined the emerging case for inclusive fiscal policy, public spending to foster inclusive growth, public revenues to safeguard fiscal sustainability, and fiscal planning and innovation for a more inclusive Asia. The presentation was an overview of the publication which is written in response to an issue of growing inequality in most Asian countries.  He pointed out that fiscal policy can and should play a bigger role in promoting inclusive growth in Asia and pointed out the need for Asian governments to actively target inclusion in their fiscal plans in order to put the region on a growth path of broadly shared benefits.  Senior Country Economist ADB Sri Lanka Resident Mission, Mr. Tadateru Hayashi was also present.