Seminar on ‘Dr. Gamani Corea’s Contribution to Domestic & International Economic Policy’

A half day seminar was organized to pay tribute to late Dr. Gamani Corea by the Gamani Corea Foundation (GCF), IPS and the Marga Institute. The seminar had four sessions. The first session analyzed Dr. Corea’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s Economic Policy with special reference to planning, second and third sessions analysed Dr. Corea’s contribution to the developing countries in the global setting, in particular, Commodity Markets, North-South Dialogue, New International Economic Order, and the South Commission. The final session focused on Dr. Corea’s contribution in Sri Lanka, in particular to institutional building – the Marga Institute, IPS and the Sri Lanka Economic Association. Several Scholars, former diplomats and government officials familiar with Dr. Corea’s work made presentations.

The Key Note Address was delivered by the Chief Guest at the occasion, Hon. Tissa Vitarana, Senior Minister of Scientific Affairs. Welcome and Introductory Address was by Dr. Saman Kelegama, Executive Director, IPS.

Dr. Gamani Corea became the first Chairman of the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) in 1989.

Concept Note

Summary of the Proceedings