Revising the Overarching Agricultural Policy in Sri Lanka

The overall objective of the Overarching Agricultural Policy (OAP) is to promote food and nutrition security in Sri Lanka and to raise living standards of people in agriculture through coordinated interventions that focus on enhancing value addition and competitiveness in agriculture while ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. The OAP is premised on the essence of inclusiveness and coordinated partnerships. In developing the policy, nationwide consultations were conducted with policy makers, academia, civil society, researchers, professionals, development organisations and the private sector, including farmers. IPS involved in the process of OAP with the idea of aligning it with the core strategic elements of the National Policy Framework: Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour (NPF) which aims for outcomes of “a productive citizen; a happy family; a disciplined society, and a prosperous nation”. It provides a strategic response to the evolving priorities and challenges in the global, national and sectoral environments.

Research team

Manoj Thibbotuwawa
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