Lecture on Taxation Policy and Revenue Performance in Sri Lanka

May 30, 2016
IPS Conference Room

Prof. Mick Moore, Political Economist and Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex, UK, delivered a lecture on “Taxation Policy and Revenue Performance in Sri Lanka:  A Review of the Political Economy”, at IPS, on 30th May 2016. The presentation was based on the on-going work for an ADB project on Sri Lanka conducted by the International Centre for Tax and Development in the UK, where Prof. Moore is the Chief Executive Officer.

Prof. Moore stressed that the failure to redress the revenue crisis would lead to catastrophic economic consequences. In addition to improving tax administration measures, Professor Moore also noted the need to catalyse public discourse on a ‘fiscal social contract’.

IPS Executive Director, Dr. Saman Kelegama, IPS Research Staff and experts from relevant sectors were among the participants.

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