The Sri Lanka garment industry has experienced phenomenal growth during the past twenty-five years and has emerged as a major sector of the economy in terms of its contribution to industrial production, foreign exchange earnings and employment generation. While the industry has been subject to much discussion and debate, there has not been any comprehensive publication regarding vital aspects of the industry. At a time when the garment industry is undergoing changes to face a challenging global environment particularly with the dismantling of the quota regime, this book highlights the key areas of the industry and fills the existing void in the literature.

The book consists of a selection of essays written in recent years by eminent specialists in the field. Supported by extensive statistical data, the book includes research papers that cover vital areas of policy issues and concerns in the context of the Sri Lanka garment industry such as productivity, forward and backward linkages, the effects of new WTO Agreements, the emerging challenges of the global environment and possible impacts on the Sri Lankan garment industry.

The material in this book will be of vital interest and importance not only to policy makers and the government but also to academics as well as to those actively engaged and working in the industry.