by Terrence Savundranayagam
Macroeconomic Policy Series No.15
National Accounts estimates for Sri Lanka are made both by the Census and Statistics Department and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka . These estimates have been revised at regular intervals but the revisions have not been made retrospectively. This study presents for the first time a comparable National Accounts series for Sri Lanka at both current and constant prices covering the years 1950-2002. The perceived reliability of estimates of National Accounts depends on knowledge of the sources and methods used. For this reason this study sets out in detail the sources and methods used in each sector, evaluates these sources and methods and suggests areas where further improvements can be made. Separate Chapters analyse the effects of the ethnic conflict on the National Accounts estimates and the trends in GNP growth, structural change, investment and savings during the period 1950-2002. The study includes a Statistical Appendix of 47 tables which provides a comprehensive and comparable set of National Accounts data for the years 1950-2002.