Prof Mick Moor from the Institute of Development Studies Conducts a Seminar on “Economics, Tax Administration and Sri Lanka’s Revenue Problem”

27 November 2023

Prof Mick Moor, Senior Fellow, International Centre for Tax and Development and Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies conducted a seminar on “Economics, Tax Administration and Sri Lanka’s Revenue Problem” at IPS recently. Focusing on Sri Lanka’s tax administration, he stressed the need for improvement given the current annual tax revenue collection, standing at 8% – 9% of GDP.

Drawing examples from several African countries, Prof Moor suggested exploring higher land and property taxes, emphasising their impact on wealthier individuals without burdening lower or middle-income earners. He highlighted successful implementations, like Tanzania‘s IT-based satellite or drone system for efficient tax monitoring.

Addressing bureaucracy issues associated with Sri Lanka’s tax administration, Prof Moor recommended a unified revenue authority overseeing the Inland Revenue Department, the Excise Department and Sri Lanka Customs, as opposed to the three bodies functioning independently.

IPS organised the event to foster discussions among researchers on potential solutions and alternatives to enhance Sri Lanka’s current tax administration.