Presentation on ‘Economic Modelling of Tax Reform’ by Prof James Giesecke, Director of Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University, Australia.

21 December 2022

Prof James Giesecke, Director of Centre of Policy Studies at Victoria University met with IPS research staff to share findings from his ongoing research on ‘Economic Modelling of Tax Reform’.

Prof Giesecke’s presentation gave insight into estimating economic costs per dollar of revenue raised (“marginal excess burdens”/MEBs) across different tax instruments, using Australia as a case study. By performing simulations using a large-scale CGE model, he discussed how to derive the optimal tax mix under alternative revenue-raising efforts in Australia. The study findings demonstrate that property transfer duties and insurance taxes are highly inefficient even at low levels, strengthening the case for their complete replacement with more efficient taxes.

Download Presentation here.

Tax Reform
Tax Reform