PER for Nutrition in Sri Lanka: Assessing Public Financing for Nutrition (2014–2018)

The public expenditure review (PER) on nutrition in Sri Lanka is part of a regional exercise undertaken by the World Bank. This PER study aims to assess the public financing for nutrition in the country. Further, it discusses whether the nutrition interventions in which the government budget is spent are in line with the priority nutrition-specific and sensitive interventions specified in national policies and guidelines. Study assesses the public financing for nutrition in Sri Lanka by reviewing the public expenditure utilised for nutrition programmes and interventions over five years (2014–2018). The analytical method largely followed the standard three-step approach that has been proposed by the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement and used in multiple countries. The ‘three steps’ of the SUN approach are (a) identification of budget line items, (b) categorisation of budget line items, and (c) weighting of budget line items (optional).

Research team

Priyanka Jayawardena
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World Bank



Published Year

2020 – 2022